The Range Rover Sport SVR

February 27th, 2019 by

We’ve talked a bit before about what makes the Jaguar-Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, just so very special. From designing specially optimized vehicles for James Bond’s 24th adventure, SPECTRE, fitting a full kitchen for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver into a Discovery, or turning a Discovery into a mobile command center for Red Cross capable of reaching anywhere and finding anyone, they make some amazing vehicles. But those same capable designers aren’t limited to one-off vehicles and marketing stunts; instead, they take their time to design three types of SVO models for Land Rover. The SV Autobiography which is built for super luxury, SVX models designed for rugged off-roading in the toughest conditions, and finally the SVR, monstrous performance vehicles that are twice as fast as they sound.

And that’s why we always recommend checking out the Range Rover Sport SVR. SVR vehicles are always everything that represents Range Rover, including high-end technology, impeccable luxury, and on (and off) road performance. But that’s where Land Rover decides that greatness isn’t enough, and instead, it better be life-changing. Hitting the pedal in the Range Rover Sport SVR takes you from 0-60 in a blistering 4.3 seconds, but the speed doesn’t do it justice: Imagine taking a vehicles that weights over 5,000 pounds, powered by a 5.0 –liter supercharged V8 deciding that gravity is just a suggestions, and hurtling you forward as fast as an Aston Martin Vantage GT8. The feeling of power leaves you breathless, senseless, and craving more.

Range Rover Sport

Of course, with all this capability at your hands, there’s no reason to not let everyone know about it (if the sound of the SVR doesn’t already do that).Taking the existing sleek Range Rover Sport styling, SVO turns it up a notch just as they did with performance. 22-inch black wheels look unmistakably aggressive on it, with SVR badging announcing the vehicle and mean looking exhaust tips, as well as a few hood vents (both for appearance and performance). Meanwhile, the interior utilizes SVR stitching, but not many other changes are to be found; personally, that’s fine, as the interior is already fantastic to me and the performance alone will remind me what I’m driving.

SVRs start at roughly $113,900, give or take, with packages adding up to $125,000 or more. But it’s an experience that’s worth having, as you’ll be king of the road, and unmistakable whether you’re leaving the party or just arriving.

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