The Land Rover Defender Interior

December 31st, 2019 by

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed quite a bit the design and growth of the returning Land Rover Defender, but haven’t spoken up much about the brand new interior. For such a rugged vehicles, many drivers will still expect a vehicle that can handle suburban driving just as well as it can handle off-road crawling. And that means an interior intelligently designed to take on long road trips across asphalt, and hold up to heavy weather and rough terrain.

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One of the first things many passengers will note is the removal of the vertical dual touchscreen Infotainment center Land Rover has been putting in every single redesign since successful design of the Range Rover Velar. Instead a large, single screen sits with residual space around and behind it, creating extra store and simplicity in design. Meanwhile, climate controls, ride height, the shifter, and more have been pushed down below the screen in a tight cluster for a best use of space design.

The steering wheel has a similar design to other Land Rover vehicles such as the Range Rover, but sees some slight adjustments to button layouts to help control select features in the Defender, and control the new dash display. Speaking of the new dash display, rather than using a standard speedo display, Land Rover has instead fully modernized with a digital dash that can show a wide array of information depending on the driver’s needs.

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Another noticeable difference between standard Land Rover design and the work put towards the Defender is the visible bolts laden throughout the vehicle; continuing the trend of ruggedness, the Defender showcases it’s off-road capable design even inside the vehicle through the utilitarian design. Additionally, the floors are made of rubber, ensuring that you come prepared for all weather conditions. Finally, the Defender X trim has gorgeous pore wood trim available that truly brings the Defender together as the true outdoors vehicle.

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