Hans Zimmer “Scoring the Drive” – Land Rover Wichita

August 23rd, 2018 by

Hidden away in the Los Angeles County of California, away from the bright lights, congested traffic, honking horns, and the rest of the madness that day to day life brings, resides the Angeles Crest Highway. The route resides in and between the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and the Angelese National Forest, and is one of the highest roads in Southern California. If you can’t guess, all of this combines to feature a scenic, beautiful drive that could inspire many.

Recently, the Atlantic’s Re:think teamed up with Land Rover to put Hans Zimmer into a full sized Range Rover to test just how inspirational this drive really is. Hans Zimmer, the Academy-Award winning composer of scores for movies such as ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Inception’! In the words of Zimmer during the above video, “Everything I do, I always hear music in my head. So I score everything. The curves. The landscape. The smell. I order my world into some sense of harmony.”

This harmony comes into life throughout the curves of the Angeles Crest Highway, balanced by the sounds of the Range Rover engine coming to life, cruising through mystical forests and by soaring cliff sides, the magical journey captured through the melody of the music. Land Rover is a brand built for adventures, and the soundtrack that accompanies that drive should always be just as epic. Hans truly brings the adventure to life, in ‘Scoring the Drive.’

Full “Scoring the Drive” video below:

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