Remote Control Driving the Next Defender

October 30th, 2019 by

You ever been in a tight spot while parking, off-roading, or even just generally driving around that you wished you had a guiding hand outside the vehicle to help out? Now, with the new Defender, you can be your own copilot.

The newest Land Rover Defender, instead of just coming with the usual parking assist feature, includes instead an actual remote control system so that you can drive your vehicle like an R/C toy. Admittedly, speeds will be limited and the range is definitely not as drastic as your standard remote control, but this tool can be exceptionally useful. From backing the vehicle out of a too tight parking space, ensuring proper clearance while off-roading, or even just to pull off a James Bond costume, you’ve got some strong utilization.

The issue that Land Rover may run into though is the legality of an extremely large remote control car. Even when utilizing a small screen to ensure no danger to the vehicle or others around it, certain laws could call into question the full extent of operating a vehicle. Some states could end up claiming that using a remote control system wouldn’t delegate full, proper control of the vehicle, making the feature useless in certain area.

We’ll have to see if Land Rover is able to bring this system into production, making the all-new Land Rover Defender the largest remote control car out there!

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