Leaked Information on the Land Rover Defender

July 31st, 2019 by

It seems like more and more, I’ve been writing about the Land Rover Defender, but there’s good reason behind it. Not only were the old Defenders iconic in their design and off-road performance, but the release of the new Defender continues to be teased, tested, and we’re so close to tasting it that there is news galore on this vehicle. Although please, don’t actually try to taste the new Defender; instead, check out some more of the information we’ve been able to gather on the new Land Rover Defender.

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First of all, and the biggest reveal of them, seems to be that the new Land Rover Defender is not just one vehicle; it’s actually three different versions of the Defender, available as the 90, 110, or 130. These different vehicles will come in the following sizes respectively.

  • Defender 90: 4323 millimeters (171 inches) long, 1999 mm (78.7 in) wide, and 1927 mm (75.8 in) tall, with a wheelbase measuring 2587 mm (101.8 in).
  • Defender 110: 4758 mm (187.3 in) length, 1999 mm (78.7 in) width, 1916 mm (75.4 in) height, and a 3022-mm (119-in) wheelbase.
  • Defender 130: 5100 mm (200.7 in) length, 1999 mm (78.7 in) width, 1915 mm (75.4 in) height, and 3022-mm (119-in) wheelbase.

Expected to arrive October of this year, the first vehicle available will be the Defender 110, nicknamed the ‘definitive Defender’. However, the other models aren’t expected to arrive till 2020, with the Defender 90 arriving in March 2020 and the Defender 130 arriving in August 2020.

There’s quite a bit more news we haven’t yet heard on the Land Rover Defender, however, with the forecasted release later this year, expect to hear more from us at Land Rover Wichita!

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