Game of Thrones and Land Rover

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I’ve got a combination of topics you likely never would have tied together, and being as we’re writing for Land Rover Wichita, you’ve already got a hint for one. So I’ll give you a few seconds to think of the other…




Yeah, I know, the title spoiled it, but I’m here to talk about Land Rovers and Game of Thrones, including our favorite Dothraki, Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa. However, the ways in which Game of Thrones and Land Rover are associated can vary wildly, so let’s check them out below.

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The more conventional reason behind Land Rover and Game of Thrones being associated is a vehicle known as the Vampyre Batt. The Vampyre is a customized Land Rover Defender built by the Scotsman Duncan Barbour, and has been utilized throughout the filming of at least Seasons 6-8 of Game of Thrones to capture many of the battle scenes. Boasting a flat tray on the rear of the vehicle, with a modern Chevy V8 subbed into the engine bay for extreme torque, this Defender also utilizes both big-bag off-road tires and long-travel desert suspension so that every shot captures comes out silky smooth with zero jitters.

But the most impressive modification to this Defender has to be the absolutely MASSIVE carbon fiber boom attached to and operated from the flat tray of the vehicle. Known as a Russian Arm, the boom has a variety of scenes, including one of the largest battle scenes ever filmed for a TV show, with over 80 horses and 600 cast and crew.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are major fans of Jason Momoa and Khal Drogo, this upgraded and fully restored version of the Land Rover Defender, named Drogo, is for you. Built from a 1993 D110 model of the Land Rover Defender, the Drogo can fit up to 8 passengers and the driver; but comfort is no worry, with high quality, padded leather seats replacing the previous cloth seats (with little to no padding) in the rear. Although the designing, UK-based company Arkonik tried to stay true to the character of the Defender, the Drogo has been upgraded with new electronics including a center console touch-screen system, modern LEDs mounted on the front grille and top of the chassis, and more. Arkonik even went so far as to include a modern roof-rack built just for the Defender, and my personal favorite, a snorkel system for the engine in times of extreme off-roading/river-running.

Although no direct references save the name point to Game of Thrones for the Drogo, this Defender definitely seems like it would be the choice for Khal Drogo: I’d even daresay that if the Dothraki had the opportunity to utilize horsepower instead of just horses, Land Rover would be the brand of choice. But Land Rover is definitely the brand of choice overall for Game of Thrones, whether it’s in inspired redesigns or for filming such incredible scenes.

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